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My journey towards becoming a web developer began almost 1,5 years ago today. I felt sort of stuck in my old routines and in a job that didn’t really challenge me anymore, and scrolling through social media one day I saw an announcement for a two-day coding course called “{hello, girl!}”. It was a collaboration between Science Park Jönköping, local companies and schools to get more women interested in programming. I thought “why not, sounds like fun!” and applied for a spot. …

When I wanted to change my career and learn programming I felt happy and curious, but there was also a lot of other thoughts spinning around in my head: “I’m not a mathematical genius, nor am I that well trained in the world of design… so where should I begin?”

Image by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash.

The math myth ✖️

My math teacher during my years at high school actually told me “Emma, you should probably NOT pursue a career or any education that contains math or programming…” what a good and inspiring teacher, right? 🤣 🙄 …

Luckily I discovered many years later that programming is not necessarily about…

Have you ever heard of growth mindset vs. fixed mindset? I had in a way, but it was a while ago I reflected on how much it actually affects my learning experience. Being at a quite challenging part of the coding bootcamp I’m attending, I think I needed the reminder 💡

About a month ago I attended an evening lecture with Linda Pålsson, business developer and community manager at Science Park Jönköping. Linda talked about daring to follow your goals and dreams, and used the example with growth mindset vs. fixed mindset as a really important ingredient for success (and…

Emma Urman

Frontend developer with a background in communication 🚀

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